When Sony officially announced price and release date for its PlayStation VR virtual reality headset, it soon became apparent that it would actually cost more to get it up and running that the headline-friendly price tag.

The headset will cost £350 (quoted during the GDC press event as £349, but retailers have it listed at around £349.99 instead) and even if you own a PS4 already, you'll need to fork out for a couple of other accessories to get it to work properly; a PlayStation Camera and two PlayStation Move controllers.

In the US, Sony has announced that it will bundle those with a launch day edition of the PS VR - for a larger fee of course. It will retail for $499.99 in the States, which represents a $100 premium over the headset package itself.

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However, we're yet to see a similar bundle announced in the UK. Some retailers might be putting something similar together, but officially na-da.

The good news though is that, because the PS VR isn't due until the beginning of October, there's still plenty of time to get yourself ready for its arrival. You can actually get the required kit now, save for the headset and processing unit, and on the cheap as well.

So here's our handy little guide of where to look to find the necessary add-ons to make your PS VR experience run smoothly, and on a tight budget.

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PS VR: PlayStation Camera

The tracking system used by the PlayStation VR headset requires the use of a PlayStation Camera - the same camera unit for the PS4 originally launched at the same time as the console.

In fact, there's finally a bone fide use for the camera that isn't mucking about with PlayStation Room for the 10 minutes after you first buy a PlayStation 4 or logging in each time you switch on your console.

So if you were duped into buying one with your PS4, the great news is that you can dig it out of a drawer again.

If not, you'll find a new one costs around £40 everywhere now that PS VR has been officially announced. Game has even priced its second-hand units at £40.

Thankfully, if you shop around, you should be able to pick one up a bit cheaper.

CeX, for example, offers the official PlayStation Camera for £35. It has plenty of stock online and you can check the website to see if there is any stock in a high-street CeX store local to you too.

Alternatively, you can try eBay. But don't be confused into thinking the PS3 version is the same thing, it isn't. If it's not a long, squarish thing, it's not the same at all.

There are plenty of second-hand PlayStation Cameras on eBay - generally under the name PS4 Camera - and they seem to go for between £25 and £30.

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PS VR: PlayStation Move

Unlike the Camera, which is essential to get PS VR working, the PlayStation Move controllers aren't necessary for all PS4 VR experiences - a DualShock 4 controller will be used a lot, which you will have got bundled with your PS4.

However, many of the games and experiences will require two PlayStation Move controllers and at around £25 a pop brand new, that could be expensive. Also, what's the betting that they will go up in price at many retailers closer to the time too?

If you thought motion gaming was the best thing since sliced bread, you might already have a couple lying around somewhere, which you bought for your PS3. However, most we feel should pick up a couple in advance.

Again, CeX comes to the rescue here. It has hundreds of them in stock on its website, which it sells for £10 a controller. So that's £20 for the pair - much better than the £50 premium you will have to pay new.

It's worth getting them now though as even that second-hand price is likely to rise dramatically closer the time.

Our old friend eBay can also help out, with many pairs of controllers currently going for around £20 too, but there's a lot more fuss with private sales. At least CeX tests every controller before reselling.

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There's one last item we thought we should include, for those who don't already own one, and that's the PlayStation 4 itself.

The PlayStation VR headset works with any of the PS4 models released so far, whether they have 500GB or 1TB hard drives. You are probably advised to plump for the latter because of the extra drive space to store experiences and games, but the former will work as capably in playing them back.

In fact, if you get yourself a 500GB model, you could always expand the hard drive yourself at a later date (read our handy guide on how to do just that: How to upgrade your PS4 hard drive to 1TB or more for less than £50).

By opting for that option, you can keep the cost of the console down. And you can find brand new 500GB PS4 consoles fairly cheap at numerous retailers.

Amazon.co.uk sells the standard console, without a game, for around £270, but you can buy a used one from around £180 (not including postage).

Game sells pre-owned consoles from £220, while CeX lists them at £220 unboxed, £230 boxed. If you're willing to go for one that's a bit scratched or less than perfect aesthetically, you can get one for £215.


So, if you went for the cheapest options listed above, you could get a PlayStation Camera and Move Controllers for around £50 for all three devices. Added to the PS VR itself, that comes in at £400.

Then, if you don't already have the PS4, you can add at least £180 to that. So in total, for the full PlayStation VR setup you could sort yourself out for around £680. That's still less than the price of the HTC Vive headset itself - and that doesn't include the machine to run it on.