(Pocket-lint) - Sony has revealed that, contrary to the opinion of some analysts, it won't be making a loss on each PlayStation VR headset sold - even though it undercuts high-end rivals by hundreds of pounds.

When the tech and gaming giant revealed that the PS VR would retail for £350 in the UK ($399 in the States) many thought that, like in the console market in the past, the company would make a loss on each device sold, opting for software sales to make profit.

Oculus has also previously suggested that its own £500 price point was very reasonable for the amount of tech crammed inside the Oculus Rift headset. That furthers the idea that a £350 price point for a similar system is lower than it costs to manufacture.

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However, Sony Worldwide Studios head, Shuhei Yoshida told Eurogamer otherwise. Speaking at GDC, he revealed that Sony won't be making a loss on PS VR hardware at all.

"According to our hardware team we are not going to lose money selling PlayStation VR for the price we announced," he said.

"That's great news because we can invest in promotion, doing trials, developer support without bleeding money by selling the PS VR hardware."


Yoshida explained that Sony's vast experience as a manufacturer in technology and games equipment is a major factor in cutting costs.

"Luckily our hardware teams have been making hardware for a long time. We've approached PS VR development how we approach PlayStation console development - we always aim high in the quality of the experience," he added.

"Especially because virtual reality is so new, we wanted to do it right first time. We waited until we could use cutting edge tech like 120Hz OLED displays - that doesn't exist anywhere, we custom made it for PS VR."

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The PlayStation VR headset is now available on pre-order from several retailers and will be shipped from the beginning of October this year. It costs £350 but you will also need to invest in a PlayStation Camera accessory if you don't own one for your PS4 already.

A couple of PlayStation Move controllers are also recommended.

Writing by Rik Henderson.