The Sony PlayStation VR is finally available and that means you can play plenty of the games and experiences talked about over the last few months, at game shows such as E3 and Gamescom.

The virtual realm of PlayStation VR (reviewed here) is going to be home to all types of games in the lead up to Christmas and beyond. From driving games like DriveClub VR to thrillers like Golem, every title will be honed to make the virtual reality experience a part of the game.

To get an idea of what you can expect, here's a large selection of trailers for PSVR games. While viewing them on a 2D screen probably doesn't do them justice they're exciting enough to take a look at anyway.


Described by Sony as an unnerving VR space adventure set on a hostile alien planet. Farpoint sees you on a mission to pick up scientists studying an anomaly near Jupiter, before a rupture from the anomaly transports you and the other scientists on your ship to an unknown alien world. The trailer doesn't give too much away, but expect huge landscapes, lots of aliens, and plenty of things to look at as you blast your way out of trouble and presumably back home. 

Batman: Arkham VR

How do you feel when you put on that mask? Yep, the caped crusader goes VR with Batman: Arkham VR, a game that immerses you in the Dark Knight's universe and redefines what it means to be the Batman.

Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR

Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission is coming exclusively to PlayStation VR and is an all-new mission that will be free for all owners of Star Wars Battlefront on the PS4. In it, players will get to live out one of the most dreamt about Star Wars fantasies – piloting an X-wing in the far reaches of space.

Star Trek Bridge Crew

Always wanted to man the bridge of the SS Enterprise or a similar starship? Well, say hello to Star Trek in VR. Bridge Crew is Ubisoft’s multiplayer virtual reality take on a real-time and social Star Trek experience. Players have to work together to succeed in given missions, with up to four VR-donning players taking on differing roles - from engineer to captain and beyond. Warp speed ahead!

RIGS Mechanized Combat League

Designed purely as a VR experience, this battle-racer puts you inside a mech suit while you take on other similarly armed robo-sports stars. The beauty here isn't just total immersion, where you can see your suit around you, but the speed at which you can lock on while moving thanks to head movement controlled aiming. This makes first person shooter gaming faster and more intense than ever.

Robinson: The Journey

Built on the Crytek engine, this VR experience looks stunning. The trailer shows you stranded in the Jurassic age with dinosaurs that you have to dodge to survive. You also get a flying robot butler, complete with English accent of course.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

This aptly named horror title should get your heart racing. It's essential a creepy, spooky rollercoaster ride with clown serial killers aplenty that you have to blast on your travels. Not one for the faint hearted - or stomached.


If Tron were converted, graphically at least, into a battle game it would likely look very much like this. The fact that it's a virtual reality experience is just the sweetener. Use the PS4 controller for attacking and ship movements while you can get a full view by simply moving your head, this is what VR is meant to be all about.

PlayStation VR Worlds

This is your typical new hardware megamix of mini games to help you feel like you're getting playable content with the kit. There's Downhill Luge, Dangerball, that's like Pong using your head as a bat, Into The Deep where you go virtual diving in a cage, The London Heist where you live like a gangster, and Scavengers Odyssey for spaceflight alien destruction.


This trailer is almost a trailer for the virtual reality experience as a whole. It shows off the main female character who is in virtual control of a stone golem. This is one of many Golems she has access to, allowing her to traverse jaw-dropping landscapes moving heavy pillars as if they weighed nothing. That's what you get to do as a VR user.

Rez Infinite

This classic shooter has been reimagined for a virtual reality world. The results looks like a more immersive experience where targets expand beyond the usual field of view which should make for a heart-pounding experience. Great music too.

Ace Combat 7

If there were ever a game that was perfect for virtual reality, it's Ace Combat 7. Imagine darting about in the clouds while actually sighting enemy fighter planes just as a real pilot would, by looking around your cockpit. This one could end up being a real neck workout.

Eagle Flight

This game was developed by a division at Ubisoft Montreal to work on all VR experiences available. It lets you take to the skies of Paris flying as an eagle. The result should be an immersive experience with some amazing views.

Job Simulator

This might sound like the most dull game ever, but is far from it. Firing off staples can activate buttons and move objects. Finished your coffee? Launch the mug at the rest of the office. It's a fun way to feel liberated in an otherwise boring office environment.

The Modern Zombie Taxi Co.

The apocalypse has come about at the hands and teeth of the zombie hoards. But that doesn't mean cab drivers will be out of a job, the walk-pace-only undead need to get about in a hurry sometimes. You control the taxi in a virtual world where running over the undead is a guilt-free experience. Launch bodies into football goals, fire guns off the car bonnet and supercharge the motor for racing - this looks like a fun, freeing VR experience.