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(Pocket-lint) - Pimax has announced the Pimax Crystal, a feature-packed virtual reality headset which seemingly offers it all. That includes a number of features which Pimax says will offer a "level of sharpness previously unseen in existing VR devices". 

Bold claims, but if the specs are anything to go by, it should certainly be an interesting release. 

For a start, the Pimax Crystal combines both QLED and Mini-LED technology within its display in order to offer a wider colour gamut. It also offers the same pixel count as the Pimax 8K X but with a greater pixel density, with 2,880 × 2,880 pixels per eye and 42PPD (Pixels Per Degree). As well as a 160Hz refresh rate. 

The headset design also includes interchangeable lenses so users can swap them out to adjust Field of View and sharpness according to their preference. That's a 120-degree diagonal field-of-view with 42PPD or 140-degree with 35PPD.

It's also said that this design will help those who suffer from visual problems such as myopia. 

The lenses are said to increase light transmittance, lower aberration and reduce stray light for an overall better experience and a distortion-free image. 

Specs aside, the Pimax Crystal also boasts some really ambitious features for a VR headset. These include standalone VR capabilities with Qualcomm XR2 hardware, a dual-processor engine for improved performance, integrated Tobii eye-tracking, auto-IPD adjustment and a WiGig Wi-Fi 6E wireless module for lag-free wireless VR. 

The Pimax Crystal is expected to start shipping in Q3, 2022 with a package that includes the VR headset, two controllers, a deluxe speaker system, a 6000Mah battery and the wide FOV 35PPD lens for $1,899. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.