(Pocket-lint) - A little over a week ago, OnePlus announced that it was giving away 30,000 Loop VR headsets, its own version of the Samsung Gear VR, for free. All you had to do is fill in the details on the site and pay a nominal shipping fee.

However, as expected, it wasn't long before the order page stated that the product was "out of stock" and while thousands managed to get their orders in on time, many more were left empty handed.

Sadly, there are no indications that OnePlus will open for orders again, so the lucky 30,000 should count themselves exactly that. We do have some extra news to bring you, orders have seemingly started to ship early.

We have received an email telling us that our order is on its way, even though official shipping isn't due until 6 June. Has you also received notification that your Loop VR headset is coming? If so, let us know in the comments below. 

OnePlus 3 launch in VR

One of the reasons behind launching the Loop VR headset and shipping it in the next week or so is that the OnePlus 3 launch will be broadcast through the Loop VR app, so you can feel like you are there even if you're sat at home.

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The launch event is being hosted in Shenzen, China at 10am local time on 15 June. But that's China only.

For the rest of the world the international VR launch event will take place on 14 June from 12:30PM EST, or 17:30 in the UK.

Hopefully, all those who successfully applied for their Loop VR headsets will have received them by then.

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What is the OnePlus Loop VR?

Like the Samsung Gear VR headset, the Loop VR is essentially a dumb device that requires a mobile phone to act as the screen. Where it differs however is that it will work with "most 5-6-inch smartphones".

It has orthoscopic lenses built in, offers a 100-degree field of view and measures 188 x 120 x 100mm. It weighs 366g (without a phone).

In essence, it's like a Google Cardboard headset, but comes with a strap and foam around the facepiece for comfort.

It also works over glasses.

The official OnePlus Loop VR app has already started to appear on Google Play as a free download in preparation for the launch event.

The headset will also work with other mobile VR experiences and software.

When will my OnePlus Loop VR headset arrive?

With shipping seemingly starting now, rather than 6 June, you could get your headset ahead of schedule.

It really depends on what shipping option you selected. Standard shipping promised 3-7 days delivery (after you get the shipped notice), premium shipping promised 1-3 days.

Like we said, let us know when yours is expected.

Writing by Rik Henderson.