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(Pocket-lint) - Meta has unveiled a plan to let parents have more control over what their kids can and can't do on its VR headsets, hopefully making it easier to regulate what they get up to.

The controls are all aimed at parents with kids aged 13 and up, since that's technically the lowest recommended age to regularly use one of Meta's headsets in the first place.

They include the incoming ability to set a passcode lock on specific apps and games that you want to keep quarantined, as well as the ability to stop younger accounts from downloading age-rated content from the storefront to play.

That latter option will happen automatically, as you'd hope, while parents will be able to override them in specific cases if desired, including after their kid makes a request to be allowed a certain app or game.

Parents will also get a new dashboard on the Oculus smartphone app to check out what their teenager has been up to, including the amount of time they've spent in the headset.

One way to get around the blocks would be to use Oculus Link to access a PC's content, but parents will also be able to disable that feature, so it's a fairly comprehensive offering from the looks of it.

The changes should start rolling out soon to Quest devices, but we don't have an exact date on when they'll all be live. Still, it's a reassuring direction of travel.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.