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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook may soon allow users of its Oculus VR headsets to integrate workout data with Apple Health.

According to a report from Bloomberg, code uncovered in the Oculus app by a former iOS developer indicates the virtual reality giant is looking to help users log data from the Oculus Move fitness platform.

This would involve metrics such as calorie burn and exercise minutes from supported games, with the code making reference to the user being able to view workout data on a headset that had previously been saved to Apple Health.

That's all the information there is to go off right now, but the fact that Facebook and Oculus are considering this kind of feature internally is hardly surprising, considering the recent launch of Oculus Move.

It would also be a natural next step, joining the many third-party devices and apps already able to sync with Apple's health hub.

Any potential integration with Apple Health is by no means guaranteed, of course, even with code hinting at its arrival, but it's a small feature that would help improve and legitimise the Move platform.

While the platform is in its early stages and still finding support from a wide range of games, fitness is increasingly being viewed by VR giants such as Oculus and Vive as the next frontier to conquer.

The HTC Vive Air - a concept of a fitness-first VR headset - recently leaked, with some design elements expected to feature in future models.

Whether we see Oculus go down a similar route with its hardware naturally remains to be seen, but it's already clear that it's looking to push on with fitness-related features in its software.

Writing by Conor Allison. Originally published on 27 July 2021.