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(Pocket-lint) - The Oculus guardian system has always been a great way to ensure your safety in virtual reality. Now it's being improved with a new feature that will let you map out your sofa and bring it into the VR world both as an object and as an addition to the virtual boundary. 

Traditionally, the guardian system lets you map out the borders of your play space so you can create a safe virtual area to game in. That system then creates a visible virtual boundary when you're gaming which prevents you bashing into real-world objects or tumbling over things. 

Unless you use the passthrough cameras though, you're still likely to not know exactly where you are in the room when you're in the midst of gaming. Now it seems that Oculus is working on a nifty update for the near future. This includes being able to add your couch into that space. 

Upload VR reports that with experimental features activated you're able to draw your sofa in VR by touching one side of it with your controller and then drawing a rectangle across it. This is useful because it not only gives you a landmark within the virtual boundary but also means you know where the sofa is if you want to sit down. 

Sitting on the virtual sofa (and the real one) puts the headset into couch mode as well. Ideal when you've had enough of room-scale play and need a break or are changing games to something less intense. 

Once mapped, that virtual sofa will also appear within Oculus Home as a simple addition to your virtual home as well. 

This update is seemingly rolling out at the moment and some users have reported being able to access it by turning on experimental features in the settings. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on 25 February 2021.