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(Pocket-lint) - Back in November 2020, Oculus announced that the Quest 2 was getting system-wide 90Hz refresh rate support. Then it was up to developers to introduce that capability for their specific games.

Beat Saber was set to be one of the first games to work with it. Alongside SUPERHOT, Echo VR, Echo VR, Vacation SimulatorJob SimulatorRacket: Nx and Space Pirate Trainer. It would be up to the game's developers to add support for the new and improved refresh rate though, so gamers would have to wait until that was rolled out. 

Now it seems that Beat Games, the studio behind Beat Saber is ready for that roll out and more besides:

The company took to it's official Twitter account to announce the changes in the latest update that includes not only 90Hz support, but also the ability to launch into a multiplayer game via a Quest party with your friends. 

Other changes in this update include:

  • Added toggle to enable Joinable Oculus Rich Presence in multiplayer – Allows other users to launch the game directly onto your private server (Oculus only).
  • Changed No Fail modifier to apply 0.5x multiplier only after you deplete all Energy.
  • Brought back Player Statistics.
    Fixed player height detector to correctly calculate player height in game.
  • Obstacles are now visible also for other players in multiplayer.

Great news for Quest 2 players who can now make the most of their headset's capabilities. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on 22 January 2021.
  • Via: Beat Saber Adds 90Hz Oculus Quest 2 Support, PlayStation VR Multiplayer Being Finalised - vrfocus.com
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