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(Pocket-lint) - It is seemingly the week for problems with the Oculus Quest 2, with some reporting issues with Facebook accounts being banned and others saying their VR headset is just going to sleep on them. 

Both Reddit users and those on the Oculus forums have reported problems where the headset is simply going into sleep mode in the middle of being used.

This is especially an issue when using the VR headset to watch videos - rather than playing games. Those users are seemingly finding that when using Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, Big Screen or other similar app the Quest 2 goes to sleep after a few minutes. 

Oculus has stated on Reddit that it's aware of the problem and is trying to correct it:

"Our team is currently aware of an issue that causes the headset to fall into sleep mode when watching videos on some apps. Our engineers are still working on a fix. We appreciate your patience and understanding!"

Unfortunately, it seems that there's no perfect way to handle the issue yourself. Users have already tried various things including tweaking the settings, resetting the headset and adjusting auto-sleep settings with no success. One workaround is regularly moving a controller or your head while watching, which is obviously not ideal. 

Hopefully, Oculus will have a fix soon. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on 19 October 2020.