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(Pocket-lint) - The last couple of years have been seriously good to VR - a series of new headsets have taken it from the milieu of those who can afford four-figure investments to a seriously mainstream option for anyone who's curious about it.

Oculus has arguably been the driving force behind that change with its two mass-market headsets, the Quest and the truly affordable Oculus Go. Now, the Oculus Go is getting a price cut to make it even more doable for people who want to try the magic of VR. This isn't a sale, either - it's a permanent change in price. 

The headset model with 32GB of storage onboard has come down to a new price of $149, down from $200, while the 64GB version is now just $199, down from $250

That means that you can get into genuine, wire-free VR for the lowest cost yet. But what makes the Oculus Go a great headset at its price? We thought you might want to know some of its highlights. 

1. Again, it's wireless

It really bears repeating that wire-free virtual reality is a real step up from wired variants when it comes to immersion. While the Oculus Go obviously doesn't offer the extreme fidelity of a more expensive headset like the Oculus Rift S, the fact that it works right out of the box, with no wires or connections, is amazing. 

Being able to walk around, changing your perspective and viewpoint all the while, without worrying about tangled wiring or tripping hazards, is freeing, and really helps to ground you in the experience you're enjoying. You literally have to try it. 

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2. The controller

A headset is well and good, but it helps to have a controller to let you interact with the world, and make navigating menus and suchlike a lot easier. The good news is that the Oculus Go comes with a smart little controller for you to use in one hand - it's got a couple of buttons, plus a touch-sensitive pad and a trigger to let you take control of your interactions. It's really well designed, light and simple. 

3. Spatial sound

Another thing that makes the Oculus Go a treat to use compared to heavier or more complex headsets is the canny inclusion of built-in sound in its construction. It has surprisingly capably spatial speakers built into its frame, meaning that you can not only hear the sound of your experience, but be immersed in it spatially.

Plus, you can still hear the real world, in case you need to be able to answer the phone or doorbell. There's even a built-in microphone to let you make voice commands or communicate in multiplayer settings. If you do want a more locked-in experience, a headphone jack lets you connect any cans you like.

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4. That price!

If there's one thing that really underlines the Oculus Go's qualities, though, it's ultimately the price. The VR is really fun, there are loads of experiences to try, and it's brilliantly constructed, but the fact that it's now so affordable is what really seals the deal. 

With the new pricing point for its models, too, you're looking at a really affordable way to get into VR, or to help give people who've never given it a try their first experience. 

At $149 for a headset with 32GB of storage and $199 for the 64GB version, you're getting a lot of bang for your buck. There's never been a better time to jump into the world of Oculus VR.