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(Pocket-lint) - Oculus made a wireless virtual reality headset.

According to Bloomberg, Oculus is working with China’s Xiaomi to manufacture a new headset for global distribution. It is described as a "cheaper, wireless device". Apparently, Facebook-owned Oculus thinks the headset will popularise VR the way Apple did the smartphone. The device’s prototype will reportedly be called Pacific, and it'll look like a "more compact" version of the Rift.

It will be a fully self-contained device that does not connect to a PC or phone. It's lighter than Oculus and Samsung’s Gear VR mobile headset, and thanks to Qualcomm's Snapdragon mobile chip, it'll be able to offer powerful graphics. But it won’t have positional tracking, meaning it won’t be able to tell where the user is spatially, something that's useful for tasks like virtual mountain climbing.

Because Oculus has partnered with Xiaomi, it reminds us of Oculus' existing partnership with Samsung on the Gear VR. Keep in mind the headset will be different from the Santa Cruz headset that Oculus demoed at last year’s Connect event. That one included several cameras for inside-out tracking. You can learn more about Santa Cruz and Facebook's plans for it from Pocket-lint's guide.

Now, the new, standalone headset is reportedly priced at $200, and Oculus will start briefing developers on it around October, maybe at the Oculus Connect 4 conference that will be held in San Jose between 11 October and 12 October. We will keep you posted.

Writing by Elyse Betters.