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(Pocket-lint) - Oculus will continue to develop affordable VR headsets like the Gear VR going forward as it believes that there are two different types of consumer interested in the future of the technology.

The final release model of the Samsung Gear VR went on sale in December at £80 in the UK, $99 in the States and has been an instant hit.


It works with Samsung phones - the S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+ and Note 5 - and provides a more mobile virtual reality experience than other devices available or on the horizon.

It's not quite Oculus Rift, but then that specific headset will retail for £499 on its release in April - considerably more even when you consider how beefy a PC it requires to run.

That's why Max Cohen, vice president at Oculus, told Pocket-lint that it is essential the company continues to invest and innovate in the more affordable end of the VR field too. He explained that Oculus will follow up Gear VR in the future "at an accessible price point".

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"The Gear VR isn’t $99 because it came out that way; it was designed to be that way," he said. "You can imagine that our future versions will also be designed that way as well. We just want to keep it accessible and affordable."

But while the price will be kept down, the technology will continue to improve.

"Technology never stops," Cohen told us. "Some of the biggest stuff will be in display innovation. Whether it’s a 4K screen, or a 75 or 90Hz mode that can be on phones for when you are in VR, there are a number of things that will take the experience and really take it to a new level. But right now, we’ve only just launched the Gear VR last month. We’re not planning on getting rid of it anytime soon."

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The Oculus executive also explained the differences between the Gear VR and Oculus Rift, and why the company can produce both.

"The Rift and the Gear VR need each other, they both offer something different but it’s good for the overall VR industry. The Rift is this high-end, magical experience – you can walk through the room, you can use touch controllers, do all these things," Cohen said.

"Mobile offers this portable, accessible thing that you can take with you. It’s in my backpack all year round. I carry it everywhere. The Gear VR is about getting it to as many people to experience VR and share that with their friends.

"Rift on the other hand is about an unbelievable gaming experience. It also does non-gaming as well, but it’s mainly about gaming because of the PC requirements and so on.

"So there are two separate products that are important to us."

And it will be that way going forward.

Writing by Rik Henderson.