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(Pocket-lint) - Imagine getting the 3D video capabilities of a VR headset from your mobile. That's exactly what the vrAse Kickstarter project hopes to achieve in its attempt to enhance small mobile screens while freeing your hands.

The vrAse uses specially designed lenses inside a pair of goggles. Slip your mobile in to watch a huge 200-inch 3D-Perfect screen, as it's called, as well as play immersive games and use augmented reality. Simply play a 3D film in Side by Side (SBS) format - via download or streaming – and you can enjoy it in all its huge 3D brilliance as each image is sent to your eyes separately.

The level of resolution and brightness vary depending on the device you're using. So far it's being made to work with iPhone 5, HTC One, Xperia Z, Galaxy S3 and S4, and the Galaxy Note 2. But greater compatibility will be added later.

And if you're thinking, there isn't enough content for this to work. Designer Louise Bankhead points out other movies and games can also be converted to SBS format for use with the vrAse using the driver of your choice.

We can't see anything being as good as the mighty Oculus Rift for total immersion. And the claims that your mobile can process augmented reality while outputting in SBS format seem pretty bold. But with vrAse, a bit ugly as it is, you're getting most of the Oculus Rift viewing power at a fraction of the cost.

vrAse Origin is white while vrAse Mist is black and grey - both are priced at only £58 on Kickstarter for early birds, right now. 

Writing by Luke Edwards.