It's not just games consoles that can benefit from Black Friday, as Amazon has knocked £50 off the Oculus Rift and Touch Controller bundle, bringing the price down to £349. The bundle was already reduced to £399 earlier in the year and at that price, was a good deal, but at £349 it's even more tempting.

As well as the Rift VR headset and Touch Controllers, you also get six free games included in the price. Lucky's Tale, Medium, Toybox, Quill, Dead and Buried and Robo Recall are all made available to customers as soon as the Touch controllers are activated.

To use the new bundle, you do need a PC capable of running the Oculus Rift - with several recommended options available on the Oculus website - but the rest of the required hardware comes bundled. That includes an Xbox One controller and wireless adapter for the PC.

There are stacks of games now available through the Oculus online store, more than 500 in fact, including Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Batman: Arkham VR and Elite Dangerous. You certainly won't be short of things to do and play inside the virtual reality experience.