(Pocket-lint) - Oculus has revealed a new Santa Cruz prototype headset design at it's annual conference giving us a first hand look at what the new headset will look like. 

The headset was first unveiled last year at Connect, and was described as a way to experience VR without having to be tethered to a PC or tracked by external cameras. The original prototype was an extremely early design, but we could see where Oculus was going with it. Today, the design is much sleeker, and amazingly, it includes true six-degrees-of-freedom motion control.

Oculus said it offers full "inside-out" tracking, with no wires and no external sensors. Alongside this new headset, Oculus has also introduced a new controller, called the Santa Cruz controllers, naturally. They look sort of like the Touch, with a grip button and a touchpad, but they appear more compact. They work with the new sensors on the Santa Cruz to help with the inside-out tracking.

Details are still slim, but Oculus said the Santa Cruz developer version will start shipping in 2018.

Writing by Elyse Betters.