(Pocket-lint) - Facebook-owned Oculus VR is accepting pre-orders for its handheld controllers.

The virtual reality company revealed at its third-annual Oculus Connect conference last week that it would launch Oculus Touch on 6 December, but now it's letting consumers buy the motion-sensing devices early, though you'll still have to wait until December before you can literally get your hands on them.

Go to Oculus' site to place your pre-order.

According to Oculus, Oculus Touch is a "pair of tracked controllers that deliver natural 'hand presence' - the feeling that your virtual hands are actually your own." The controllers, which were first announced last year, work with the Rift VR headset. For more information, see our Oculus Touch guide.

Oculus Touch is priced at $199. Oculus promised they would work at room scale, but you'll need to use a third camera placed in the back of the room. Touch pre-orders only include a second camera (plus two titles and a Rock Band VR connector). You can pre-order an extra camera for $79 until 31 October.

As a perk, if you also pre-ordered or purchased a Rift VR headset from the company's website, you can use the same email to jump ahead in the queue, but you have to place your order on or before 27 October. 

The Rift's $599 headset package, when combined with the controllers' $199 price and the extra camera's $79 price, makes the full Oculus platform more expensive than the $799 HTC Vive.

There's no word yet on UK pricing and availability.

Writing by Elyse Betters.