(Pocket-lint) - Ever wondered what you'd see if you looked up while passing under the legs of the skirt-wearing Titan at Braavos? Now you can as the entire Game of Thrones introduction sequence has been rendered in 360-degrees for a virtual reality experience.

Fans of Game of Thrones can now take a closer look at the Westeros lands through this video. This is the result of a team-up between HBO, Facebook, Oculus and the show's intro designers, Elastic.

There are reportedly plenty of easter eggs hidden in the video for you to find. While the perspective is moved about the world, from King's Landing to Dorne, you can get a good look around each place as you fly through.

Without giving too much away, be sure to look up under the Braavos Titan, or maybe not if you've just eaten. Another thing to keep an eye out for is dragons. Being a bit more specific, make sure to look for your shadow as you fly about Westeros.

If you want to find new spoilers and easter eggs you'll need to move fast as this video was viewed 1.7 millions times within three hours of going live.

Game of Thrones season six will start on 24 April on Sky Atlantic and HBO.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.