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Oculus VR and Harmonix have announced that a virtual reality version of Rock Band is coming to the Oculus Rift, meaning you'll soon be able to slip on a pair of VR goggles in order to step out onto a virtual stage and fully experience what it is like to be a rock star jamming out in front of a crowd going wild.



All we know so far is that it'll be a new game inspired by the original Rock Band. Harmonix, the developer behind the franchise, is of course on board, and all this is coming exclusively to the Rift sometime in 2016. That's right: like, next year. Watch the teaser trailer for Rock Band VR below to learn more.

The video even features Palmer Luckey, the original founder of Oculus VR (which was bought by Facebook for $2 billion by last year) and inventor of the Oculus Rift consumer virtual reality head-mounted display. He announced the news at the Game Awards ceremony in Los Angeles and said the game would likely arrive by March 2016.

Unfortunately, we're still waiting to hear when consumers will able to buy the headset. We also don't know exactly how much it will cost - other than the $1,500 figure that keeps being tossed around since early this year.

That sticker includes the computer the Rift will need in order to work.

Writing by Elyse Betters.