Privacy is a big thing in 2015 so what better way to start than by showing off a pair of invisibility glasses at Mobile World Congress?

Yes you read that right, invisibility glasses. No, not like Harry Potter's cloak. These are more for the intrepid machine dodgers among you.

The invisibility glasses were developed by AVG, better known for virus protection software, as a way to keep a digital identity private. The idea is that the glasses baffle traditional facial recognition software so the wearer can't be recognised by machines, or software from the likes of Facebook. No more auto tagging then, if that was ever an issue.

The glasses use infrared lights placed around the nose and eyes to break up face detection. But since infrared rays are invisible to the human eye they don’t appear to be active when worn. Although they don't exactly look normal either. They also use retro-reflective materials to further baffle cameras.

So if you want to go even further off the grid, while still leaving the house, these could be for you. When or if they will become available to the public is a matter AVG hasn't mentioned.

AVGthese invisibility glasses will stop machines recognising and tagging you image 2

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