(Pocket-lint) - Spike Jonze, director of Her and Being John Malkovich, teamed with virtual reality filmmaker Chris Milk and Vice News to record a one-off news broadcast from inside the police brutality protests in New York last year. And you'll be able to see exactly what they saw as the whole experience has been rendered in virtual reality.

Designed for headsets like Samsung VR Gear and Google Cardboard initially, along with Oculus Rift eventually, the footage - presented by Vice News anchor Alice Speri - was captured by a 360-degree camera system built by Milk's VRSE and will work on the VRSE application for Android and iPhone.

There are other VR videos included on the app, including Evolution of Verse, described as a "photo-realistic CGI journey" and "Cloud Over Sidra" and documentary piece about the life of a 12-year old Syrian refugee living in a camp in Jordan.

However, Vice News VR: Millions March, directed by Jonze, shows the possibility of virtual reality being used to make news coverage more immersive. It's also something that the director could explore further in future.

"Chris and I have been talking a lot about the possibilities and future of VR filmmaking over the last year. One of the areas we are excited about is documentary and news, to create the experience of being there in the middle of events that are happening, said Jonze.

Vice News

"This was our first test in that area, it was an experiment to just go out and see how to use this medium in the field as a tool to tell the news.

"Living in New York this fall and feeling these spontaneous protests against police brutality that have been forming and growing, it seemed like this was the most timely and important subject to go shoot.

"When we got the footage back and watched it on the goggles, I was so moved by what we had. I had this feeling of being very fortunate to be at the beginning of an entirely new storytelling medium."

The VRSE app is available on Google Play and iTunes now.

Writing by Rik Henderson.