Digital production company Tool has created an unlicensed but no less impressive tech demo for Oculus Rift based on the ever funny South Park cartoon series. It allows you to walk around the town of South Park and meet some of the townsfolk as a proof of concept. And it is being given away for free to anyone who happens to have an Oculus DevKit lying around.

Available as a free download for Windows or Mac, you can also check out the software through a browser, although it will obviously not be a full virtual reality experience that way. And you'll need to install the Unity Wed Player as the demo has been built in Unity. Indeed, the idea came about because the development team wanted to enhance their Unity skills.

The South Park layout was inspired by the town map in the South Park: The Stick of Truth game and there's an Easter Egg included in the church (hint: if you want to meet Saddam Hussain, just go through the church doors).

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"We loved this doodle of an experiment," said Tool.

"Every aspect of the project gave us amusement: recalling and reminiscing on favourite moments in the show’s history, going through our long forgotten DVD sets (yes some of us still have optical drives) to research these moments, modelling the buildings, setting the environment, and creating our own avatars. Our hope is that you enjoy exploring and rediscovering your love for this amazing show as much as we did creating."

New uses for Oculus Rift are being found all the time it seems. Now Facebook and Oculus VR need to get it into the hands of the consumer.

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