An ambitious project from the University of Surrey aims to virtually send people to space using Oculus Rift and a space-worthy balloon.

The project is now on Kickstarter where £40 will secure you a "ride" to space. The plan is to send up a weather balloon to over 20km high equipped with 24 HD cameras. This will offer a 360-degree video that can be viewed with Oculus Rift as if the user were onboard the ascending vessel.

After the flight special software will stitch the videos together to create the panoramic view of the space trip. The £30,000 project is on Kickstarter now with £2700 raised at the time of writing.

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If you want the chance to experience the ascent into space, which only 530 people have ever done, you can get involved now.

Lead researcher Dr Aaron Knoll from the University of Surrey said: "Ride to Space will give all aspiring astronauts the chance to be a virtual passenger, riding the balloon to space, and unlike other Galactic flights, it won’t cost the earth to be on board."