(Pocket-lint) - The tagline for the PrioVR gaming suit, which is smashing its Kickstarter goal, is Suit up. Game on. This really effectively captures the simplicity of the suit that should making gaming controls more natural than anything before.

The PrioVR Pro suit, made by UK-based YEI Technology, is made to work with Oculus Rift for a totally immersive gaming experience. Described as a "full-body interaction", it places sensors on the gamer to detect movements - from zombie brain-bashing arm swings to football booting kicks the PrioVR Pro will detect it all.

There will be three variants to the suit: a PrioVR Lite for upper body only, a PrioVR Core for upper body and legs, and a PrioVR Pro for the entire body including hips and offering greatest precision.

All three suits are wireless and compatible with each other. They include two hand-controllers with action buttons, triggers and joysticks. These allow you to navigate worlds without actually walking into your bedroom wall and, of course, there's a trigger for realistic shooting.

Since the PrioVR suits are compatible with Oculus Rift, gamers will be able to immerse themselves fully into a game. Real head movements will change their view and real body movements result in action. The possibilities are huge.

The PrioVR creators are planning to bring the suits to the shipping stage by April. Pricing starts at $400 for the PrioVR Pro, which is selling out fast on Kickstarter.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.