Elder Scrolls Online, recently previewed by Pocket-lint, has been released in closed beta and has already been given Oculus Rift support.

Developer Chris Gallizzi was able to write the Oculus Rift support and even uploaded a demo video to YouTube of the game in action. This was his personal project and doesn't mean an official version will be coming anytime soon, but it's great to see.

The Oculus Rift support was built from scratch by Gallizzi, who created his own Vireio Perception Driver for his Oculus N64 beta and Skyrim Oculus mod. But he admits it's not the full Oculus experience as a mouse is needed to move perception, rather than the user's head movements.

Gallizzi, a seasoned Oculus driver and output writer, says he was annoyed as settings needed to be lowered to achieve an optimal frame rate. This is neccessary because 60fps is required for VR to work effectively.

By putting this beta footage online Gallizzi has broken game-maker Bethesda's rules. He wants to add Oculus support for the full game but after his crossing Bethesda once it will be interesting to see how the company reacts.

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