MakeVR, from Sixense, lets anybody create anything using their hands, to be 3D printed into reality. Despite using professional grade CAD software at its core the simple overlaid controls make child's play of building.

MakeVR even allows users to work while wearing Oculus Rift so that objects can truly surround you with an accurate sense of size. Want to plonk a block to your side? Just turn your head and drop it there. Essentially MakeVR places you in a virtual world with objects you can manipulate to create whatever your imagination can muster.

This revolutionary software and control system will be sent out to Kickstarter on 5 February to try to raise funds for a public release.

"With MakeVR we’re enabling everyone to more easily and affordably create models in 3D. Coupled with the emergence of so many great new 3D printing solutions, this will catalyse the entire market," said Amir Rubin, co-founder of Sixense.

The MakeVR doesn't have any pricing or release date yet from creator Sixense. So like us you'll have to wait until 5 February to see just how affordable this jump forward in 3D design will be.

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