(Pocket-lint) - Recon is a heads-up-display pioneer as the creator of the world’s first HUD for sports. Now it’s pushing forward with its software too by offering full Facebook integration to its new Snow2 headset.

Yup, even on a mountain, strapped to a snowboard, you can still check your Facebook feed, if you feel the need. You’ll be able to update performance stats immediately in real time, including best stats for speed, vertical descent, distance covered and more. Biggest wipeout wasn’t mentioned so maybe you’ll just have to upload the video of that one.

Unlike other HUD software this allows you to not only upload data but to also browse what’s going on with likes, comments and messages appearing directly on your HUD.

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The new updates will be out on 18 December and can be downloaded to update the Recon Snow2 to ReconOS 3.2. The iOS and Android apps that accompany the headset will also have updates available, released on the same day. And this is the first of many social upgrades on the way.

“Facebook is the largest and most pervasive social media platform available and our first choice for integration into our heads-up displays,” said Shane Luke, chief product officer for Recon Instruments. “The new version of our OS combined with apps for iOS and Android, represents a significant advancement in user experience for our customers.”

Writing by Luke Edwards.