If you're excited about the potential of Oculus Rift's immersive VR but haven't seen a game that really takes advantage of it yet, EVE: Valkyrie is for you.

This trailer, which we may have already watched several times, shows how stunning and enthralling a bespoke Oculus Rift game can be.

We've been excited about the kickstarted Star Citizen but Eve: Valkyrie, with its stunning graphics, is our current obsession. Imagine being able to freely look above and to the side in the cockpit before engaging in laser battles with your winged enemies. In fact, don't imagine it, read out hands-on experience of it here.

The game will likely be straight to PC, where Oculus Rift works.

But with the PS3 EVE spin-off, Dust514, and PlayStation 4's Shuhei Yoshida owning dev kits for Oculus Rift, we're excited about the possibility of this being a PS4 Oculus Rift launch title. And since it's due out in 2014 we're going to start saving for ours now.