(Pocket-lint) - We know when the next-generation HoloLens headset, the HoloLens 2, will be unveiled by Microsoft.

After a long wait and a bevy of rumours, Microsoft has suggested it will debut HoloLens 2 just before Mobile World Congress 2019 on 24 February. A teaser for the mixed reality headset was published by Alex Kipman, Microsoft's technical fellow for mixed reality and artificial intelligence. He's been instrumental to Hololens and is said to be involved in HoloLens 2. 

The teaser doesn’t provide too many clues about what we can expect from the upcoming headset, but leaks and reports from the past few months do give us an idea. It’s rumored to run on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 850 ARM. It’s also expected to feature a revamped body that'll be more comfortable and light to wear. Microsoft's teaser even has a hint of carbon fiber and fiber optic-looking cords.

Perhaps these are clues about the design, though, it could also be that whoever put the teaser together thought those graphics looked cool.

The original HoloLens was always intended more for developers and businesses. As a result, it sold fewer than a 100,000 units a month after launching. Microsoft hasn’t indicated it intends to broaden the reach of HoloLens 2 to make it more consumer friendly, but it's promising the new headset will “transform spatial understanding through advanced sensors and AI at the edge to make technology more personal and natural".

All that sounds like it might be a little more applicable to everyday users. But who knows for sure. It’s also unknown what exactly the price point will be for HoloLens 2. The original HoloLens went on sale in 2016 for $3,000, for comparison. Prepare to find out more in two weeks. 

Writing by Maggie Tillman.