(Pocket-lint) - If you didn't think Microsoft HoloLens would be on the top of your Christmas list soon, you will after seeing this new video.

At the Microsoft Build Developer Conference 2015 the company showed off its holographic augmented reality HoloLens headset in more detail than ever before.

The HoloLens is unique in that it's totally wireless. It has the ability to 'see' the world you're seeing and overlay virtual holograms that only you can see. It does all this with built-in display, batteries, audio and onboard 3D processing smarts.

So what does all that mean? Wearing HoloLens you'll be able to put a screen anywhere and drag it larger and smaller with your hands. You could even have a screen follow you, say in a Skype call, as if the person where there with you.

But HoloLens is even more. Microsoft showed off the device working with real world robot, adding an augmented reality body and face on an otherwise expressionless machine.

The possibilities are huge and once HoloLens reaches developers the number of ways it can be used will grow even faster.

Microsoft still hasn't mentioned a release date or pricing but the HoloLens looks pretty finished in terms of hardware at least. It will run software developed for Windows 10 so here's hoping it arrives this summer too.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.