(Pocket-lint) - Toy maker Mattel took its 75 year old View-Master and recently reinvented it to work like Google cardboard. Now it's got an upgraded model on the way to enhance that even futher.

The first Mattel View-Master VR viewer allowed phone owners to mount their device in the headset. Using its built-in lenses virtual reality videos could be viewed in 3D the same way Google Cardboard works. Move your head in the real world and your virtual head will look about in whatever world the phone is displaying.

Now Mattel plans to unveil its View-Master 2.0 at the New York Toy Fair this weekend. So what can we expect that's new?

One of the great things about this headset will be its ability to house most smartphones, despite size variations. Unlike the first model, which has a plastic piece that can be lost, this model should have in-built adapter functionality.

Mattel has added a headphone jack to the new model so users can listen via headphones rather than relying on the phone's speakers.

Also improved is the lens focus, which makes the whole experience possible. A focus wheel has been added to the headset so it can be varied to suit the comfort of the person using the headset.

All this means a price bump but you'll still only be paying $40, or about £28, for a real virtual reality experience.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.