(Pocket-lint) - LG has entered the smartphone-powered virtual reality space.

The company is introducing VR for G3. It's like a plastic version of Google Cardboard. The headset features lenses and fits over the LG G3. It uses the lenses in conjunction with the G3's internals to power a consumer VR experience. You'll even be able to use it with some VR-compatible apps and games already available in the Play Store.

LG's VR for G3 has a design that's based on Cardboard, Google's fold-out cardboard mount that, when combined with an Android phone, lenses, and other odd parts, delivers a virtual reality experience. LG said the same ring magnet sits on the left side, for instance, which is used for selecting menu items.

LG further claimed its headset is better than rival headsets too, mostly because it leverages the G3’s Rear Key layout. Most phones have volume rockers on the side of the phone, but not the G3, and that means VR for G3 can take full advantage of the flagship’s 1W speaker with Boost AMP to provide richer sound.

Apart from the cutout on the back of the device, which lets you reach the G3's rear volume rocker, other design characteristics include cutouts for the flash, laser autofocus, and speaker.


In order to use LG's VR for G3, just slide a G3 into the headset, then load a compatible app, and voila. You're ready to start experiencing virtual reality. The headset's three main pieces should smoothly fit together, and you won't need any of the rubber bands or velcro required for Cardboard. Simples, right?

Samsung just launched the $200 Gear VR in September, but LG is likely hoping to catch up by offering its headset for free to customers who purchase a new LG G3 smartphone. The promotion is scheduled to start this month in select markets.

No word yet if the UK is one of those markets.

Writing by Elyse Betters.