Huawei makes clip-on 360-degree cameras now.

The company has announced a new device called Honor VR Camera. It's a camera accessory for smartphones, and it was quietly developed in partnership with Insta360. Huawei has only revealed that the tiny ball-like product supports “3K photography” and live-streaming -- and that you'll be able to save and share 360-degree videos through an app developed by Insta360. Oh, and it'll be available internationally.

But that's all we know for sure. We don't know the camera's shooting resolution, nor whether it will work with non-Honor/Huawei-branded smartphones. From looking at the images given to the media, there appears to be a USB Type-C plug on the camera ball itself. This would presumably go into a compatible port on your device, while all the camera controls appear to be limited to the app from Insta360.

Huaweihuawei teases honor vr camera ball thingy that shoots 360 degree vids image 2

Mobile World Congress 2017 is a few days away. Huawei will likely announce more details, including information about pricing, during the show. Pocket-lint will be there live to bring you the latest.