HTC's latest VR device is immersive VR headset

HTC's new device is immersive glasses designed to improve your wellbeing.  (image credit: HTC)
These are foldable glasses with specs that include 100-degree field of view, 3.2k resolution display and a 75Hz refresh rate. Perfect for portable viewing. (image credit: HTC)
The HTC Vive Flow is designed to be comfortable and a much better way of watching content than slumping over your phone. (image credit: HTC)
These glasses are lightweight, foldable and easy to take anywhere. (image credit: HTC)
Mindfulness and mental well being is the main selling point here. With meditation apps like TRIPP and mindfulness apps being at the forefront. (image credit: HTC)
The headset is cleverly designed to not only be lightweight but also with adjustable prescription on an eye per eye basis. (image credit: HTC)
HTC says that the Vive Flow will have "a rich catalogue of VR apps from different categories" and games via Viveport with Infinity Vista which is $5.99 a month. (image credit: HTC)
But many are likely to use the headset to cast content like Netflix, YouTube and Disney+ directly from their Android phone. (image credit: HTC)