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(Pocket-lint) - HTC will soon announce a new wireless VR headset, but thanks to it winning an iF Design Award prior to launch, we have information and official images for it already.

The HTC Vive Air headset will work completely wirelessly, much like the Oculus Quest (and Quest 2), but its purpose is more specific. This is a headset designed especially for fitness training.

It uses knitted fabrics for comfort and fit, while also allowing for better ventilation. This is important for users planning to wear it during intesnse workouts.

Components can also be washed - another necessity for fitness use.

The blurb that accompanies the multiple images reveals all: "[The] Vive Air VR headset is specially designed for virtual fitness, optimised for high intensity with long use.

"Inspired by sports shoes, the new headset introduces knitted materials to VR to provide unprecedented comfort and fit. The breathable and quick-drying fabrics improve ventilation in the heated exercise.

"The innovative lightweight structure allows users to forget the presence of the head-mounted display to focus on virtual content. The quick-release design allows the removal of ergonomic soft components for washing."

There is no word on when this exact headset will be formally announced, but the company has teased a new device for Vivecon 2021, which will take place in a couple of weeks time, on 11 and 12 May.

Writing by Rik Henderson.