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(Pocket-lint) - HTC has confirmed that its virtual reality headset, the HTC Vive, will soon be compatible with Mac.

Apple revealed that it is adding Steam VR support to High Sierra, its new version of MacOS to be released this coming "Fall", and that means it will be possible to use a Mac to control virtual reality experiences. It has been a PC exclusive so far.

Demos of HTC Vive support were shown during WWDC in San Jose, along with claims that the new 2017 iMacs will be best suited for the platform, thanks to their enhanced specifications. However, it is thought that current iMacs and MacBook Pro notebooks should also be capable of decent VR performance.

HTC executive Shen Ye also confirmed the Vive's Mac compatibility on his Twitter account.

Now that the HTC Vive is compatible with Mac, we wonder if Oculus will follow suit. There will surely be a much larger market for the Oculus Rift if the Facebook-owned company joins the fray.

We can see HTC running away with the market otherwise. Certainly, the developers at WWDC were impressed and seem happy to support the venture.

Writing by Rik Henderson.