(Pocket-lint) - HTC’s Vive virtual reality headset offers one of the best VR experiences currently available. It may be a bit tricky to set up and you’ll need plenty of space to get the full effect, but if you do, you’ll be well rewarded.

Of course, the majority of people who buy a Vive will want it for the gaming experiences, but virtual reality can offer more than just games. That’s where HTC’s new Viveport comes in, which has launched in 30 countries today.

The Viveport store will be home to a wide range of apps that will provide “immersive experiences across categories where you can explore new worlds, create things, connect with friends and experience stories in new, immersive ways”. Categories will include art, creativity tools, design, education, fashion, music, sports, travel, video and more.

Some of the first content to launch with Viveport will be titles from HTC’s Viveport Premieres range, which includes titles such as Everest VR, in which you can scale Mount Everest, The Music Room, which lets you play instruments without needing the space or annoying your neighbours, and a new version of theBlu, which immerses you underwater. Select titles will be available to buy for $1 for the first 48 hours.

You can order a Vive headset for £759 and HTC provides a tool for you to test your PC to make sure it’s powerful enough.

Writing by Max Langridge.