(Pocket-lint) - Valve has announced a way for PC gamers to play any game from inside the HTC Vive virtual reality headset. Any title you have in your Steam library can be accessed while wearing the device, even if it's not designed for VR play.

That's because SteamVR Desktop Theater Mode essentially sits you inside a 3D virtual home cinema or living room environment, with a main, large screen playing the game. That way, your entire Steam library will be accessible to you, rather than the handful that will work with HTC Vive from the off.

Of course, you might wonder why you'd want to spend time playing XCOM 2 or Undertale on a virtual monitor while wearing the headset rather than sat at an actual screen. But if you've had to move your gaming rig to the living room to take advantage of the space required for motion, you might not have it plugged into a conventional monitor at all.

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In that situation, at least you can continue those mammoth Football Manager 2016 sessions without moving all your kit around again.

Valve has revealed that the SteamVR Desktop Theater Mode will also work on other VR headsets too, so Oculus Rift owners might also be able to take advantage.

The mode is currently in early beta and should be available to new owners when their headsets arrive in April.

Writing by Rik Henderson.