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(Pocket-lint) - HTC has announced that its VR headset, built in partnership with Steam, will be priced at $799 when it goes on pre-order on 29 February.

The announcement of the price arrives as HTC unveils the final consumer edition of the headset, evolving a few features beyond those of the Vive Pre demonstrated at CES 2016.

The biggest addition is the inclusion of phone connectivity. You'll be able to connect your handset (Android/iOS) to Vive via Bluetooth. This will let you receive calls and monitor messages, while you're in the virtual world 

The Vive also includes a microphone, so you'll be able to take those calls without jacking out.

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Beyond this, the new headset makes a few minor design tweaks, giving a more polished finish, as well as offering two gaskets to fit different face sizes.

HTC Vive pre-order

The HTC Vive pre-orders will open at 10am EST (3pm GMT) on 29 February and for that $799 price, you get the full package. Unlike rivals at Oculus, you'll be getting the full Vive experience from day one.

In the package you'll have the HTC Vive headset, two room sensors and two wireless VR controllers, along with all the connectors and cables you'll need to hook up to your PC. You'll also get Vive earbuds, but you're free to use any headphones you like. 

Those who pre-order will get Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives and Fantastic Contraption, a couple of fun titles to get you started in the VR world. 

You will of course need a computer to run it: you can expect more details on the exact specs to follow, but you're looking at something with a Nvidia 970 or AMD 290 GPU. 

Prices will be relative locally (£550, for example), and Vive will ship to 24 countries initially, including USA, UK and widely across Europe. 

Writing by Chris Hall.