(Pocket-lint) - As part of the launch of HTC Vive in the UK, HTC has announced a terrifying immersive theatre experience that you can buy tickets for.

Running from 19 March to 3 April, Virtually Dead is a one-hour production in a secret location in East London. It features 22 live actors and different VR zones, where visitors don HTC Vive headsets to take the experience to another level.

As the name suggests, the experience is horror-based, with participants fighting to save a small town from a plague of zombies. Expect massive shocks and plenty of scares.

The immersive production spans over half a kilometre and the interactive story takes in the real and the virtual. And while the overall ambience will be special, the chance for members of the public to try the latest VR headset should not be missed.

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"By combining our VR with immersive theatre, we aim to introduce new audiences to HTC Vive before our April launch," said Jon Goddard, head of European VR marketing at HTC.

"We have produced something that showcases VR in a whole new light and will attract people outside of the usual circles that would typically be interested in a VR event."

Tickets are available for the show now, priced at £30 each. You can either go on your own or in groups of up to 10.

Head over to virtuallydead.co.uk to find out more and to book your place.

Writing by Rik Henderson.