With the consumer model of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset not coming until early next year, perhaps in the spring, there's an ideal opportunity for another company to capitalise. But while HTC and Valve were expected to step up to the plate, rumours have been flying around that the product of their partnership, the HTC Vive, would be delayed until 2016 too.

Thankfully, for some those rumours might be unfounded as HTC has revealed that there will be some Vive headsets available this year after all - albeit in limited numbers.

In a statement sent to Engadget, HTC said that it will look to get some headsets out before Christmas, although most will have to wait until the break of the year to get hold of one. "We'll have a limited number of units by the end of the year," it claimed. "With more to come in Q1 2016."

Pricing is still to be revealed.

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The HTC Vive headset, developed with Steam-owner Valve, is a more ambitious proposition at launch than the Oculus Rift in that it will feature motion controllers from the off. It also tracks a users position in the physical world using cameras which pick up sensors on the headset.

Walls are represented inside VR experiences as wireframe barriers to help wearers avoid bashing into things, in Star Trek Holodeck way.

Similar functionality from Oculus is coming, but not until later in 2016.