(Pocket-lint) - The zombie apocalypse is on us, and this time it's in room-scale virtual reality.

Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive have announced Arizona Sunshine, one of the first titles we've seen for HTC Vive, the VR system developed with Valve. 

Arizona Sunshine is a fully immersive virtual reality experience. If you're wondering what "room-scale" means, it means you'll be able to move around in the environment, which is one of the things that makes HTC Vive different from other VR systems. 

You then get motion-controlled weaponry, so you'll have to aim properly and, we're hoping, get to yield a range of melee weapons too.

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We were blown away when we tried HTC Vive at the announcement at MWC 2015. It's a whole new world of VR, a big change from the slightly static experience that's been offered so far. 

We're not entirely sure how the game will play moving though the game environment, but the face-paced, 360-degree shooter style that you'd expect from a zombie game will work really well with Vive's freedom of movement.

Vertigo and Jaywalkers say that Arizona Sunshine is currently in development, and scheduled for release through Steam in late 2015. We'd previously been told to expect HTC Vive to be ready in time for Christmas 2015. 

Arizona Sunshine looks like a blast, here's hoping we'll get some hands-on time at E3 2015.

Writing by Chris Hall.