While playing our way through the excellent Batman: Arkham City on the Xbox 360, Pocket-lint stumbled across a cut scene that has Batman talking to the Joker on a mobile phone. A mobile phone with a massive screen.

And that's led us to wonder which mobile device he might be rocking as, if you compare the size of the device to the size of Batman's hand, it has to have a screen way bigger than the iPhone 4S' piddly 3.5-inch display.

Batman is listed (in the game, at least) as standing at 6-foot 2-inches, and he's a beefy fella to boot. That means we reckon that his hand must be around 8 inches long (from bottom of palm to tip of middle finger. And around 4.5 inches wide.

does batman rock a htc titan in arkham city  image 2

If you take that into consideration, the phone shown in his hand has, by our estimation, a 4.7-inch screen. And what else has a 4.7-inch screen and a dark bezel? The HTC Titan, naturally.

Plus, look at the camera placement on the back. Seem familiar?

And, if you want any further proof, what's the name of the chemical formula that was a major plot point of Batman: Arkham Asylum (and makes an appearance in the new game too)? Yep, that's right, Titan!

Of course, the HTC Sensation XL also has a 4.7-inch screen, but can you see Batman rocking a pair of Beats headphones? That would just be ludicrous.

Batman: Arkham City is out now for Xbox 360 and PS3, PC on 8 November.

What phone do you think Batman's rocking? Let us know in the comments below...

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