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(Pocket-lint) - It looks like we can expect a new headset from HP.

The company is working on a new "VR headset", according to Road to VR, which published a preview of yet-to-be-announced device. It's apparently based on Microsoft's Window Mixed Reality (WMR) platform. HP gave this headset the codename Copper, and a leaked image shows that it doesn’t have much in common with HP’s first WMR headset released roughly two years ago.

HP's new Copper VR headset will be primarily for businesses use, but it'll reportedly be made available to consumers, too. HP’s hope with the Copper VR headset is that it'll improve over HP’s previous design in terms of both comfort and performance. To improve performance, the device has an upped resolution of 2160 x 2160 pixels per eye, a huge boost over HP’s original WMR headset.

Also, if you recall, a big issue with the Copper’s predecessor is that it's somewhat uncomfortable to wear, which can be extremely annoying when you’re gaming or wearing the headset for long periods of time. HP has therefore included straps on Copper that go around and over a user's head, and it made the headset much lighter, according to Road to VR, which didn’t provide a weight. 

There’s no release date or even official name for HP’s new headset, but it should replace the existing WMR one in professional bundles. Time will only tell as far as when we can expect it. Road to VR said the headset felt like it was near completion and guesses it’ll be out this year.

HP's old WMR headset goes for around $449, for reference.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.