(Pocket-lint) - It’s not too late to send out Christmas cards - it’s also not too old fashioned, not anymore. HP has announced HP Live Photo which lets you embed videos in printed images for others to see using their smart devices.

HP Live Photo works like this: you chose an image to print, write your message, then using your smartphone's camera upload a 45-second video to that image, and print it from your HP printer. When it arrives the person looking at it just needs to hold their phone over it, using the free app, and the Aurasma smarts will do the rest to show them the hidden video.

We’re really impressed with this idea and love the potential it has. Imagine seeing underground musician’s posters plastered to a lamp post with their new video hidden in the image. At the moment you can chose only from certain images and are limited on video length, but it has huge potential.

We also note that you are required to print on to high-quality paper so this might still have a few kinks to be ironed out. We’ll let you know once we give it a try.

HP Live Photos can be shared by email, Facebook or via the printed version and work on any AirPrint-enabled HP printer. The HP Live Photo app is available on iOS and Android now.

Writing by Luke Edwards.