Chrome browsing in VR has finally arrived.

Google is adding the Chrome browser to Daydream, its virtual reality platform. That means anyone with a mobile-based Daydream View headset (or standalone Lenovo Mirage Solo) will be able to access and use Google's browser in virtual reality. The VR version of Chrome is expected to be similar to the desktop version you know and love, though it'll have a “cinema mode” that makes web video available to watch in VR.

Chrome supports the WebVR standard, too, so you'll experience the web in VR. That means you can visit any site. Other stand-out features include an incognito mode, device syncing, and voice search. Keep in mind this version of Chrome is the stable, consumer-ready version of Chrome VR. Daydream users have had access to Chrome VR and WebVR elements through a test version or the Chrome app for Android. 

You should see the stable version when you update Chrome on Android.