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(Pocket-lint) - Don't like the dark grey colour of Daydream View? Well, you're in luck.

When Google launched Daydream View a couple months ago, it only made the VR headset available in the colour "Slate", which, during our review, we actually thought was quite pleasing to the eye. Google had promised new colours were in the works, and on 1 December, it finally announced you can get the headset in two additional colours: "Crimson" and "Snow".

The red-like model and white-ish model will cost $79 each, the same price as the dark grey model offered since autumn. To compliment the new colour schemes, the View's controller has been changed to white. The original controller is charcoal coloured. If you want the Crimson or Snow headsets, they are available now for pre-order on the Google Store in the US and UK, with shipping beginning 8 December.

Similar to Samsung's Gear VR platform, Daydream requires a smartphone for power and to provide the screen of the VR experience. At launch, the first Daydream-ready phones were Google's own Pixel and Pixel XL flagships, though more phones, including the Moto Z line, are getting support.

We think Daydream View's success will boil down to the content that's available for it through Android and the breadth of compatible devices.

And right now, naturally, that's not a whole lot.

Writing by Elyse Betters.