(Pocket-lint) - DJ and dance music artist deadmau5 is starring in his own virtual reality game out at the end of July. What's more, you can order a limited and special edition version of Google Cardboard to use while playing it.

He has partnered with vodka company Absolut for the game, so you need to drinking age to play it and purchase the headset. You can pre-order it now from maker Knoxlabs.

The special edition Cardboard has the artist's trademark mouse mask on the front but is essentially the same as a regular Google-styled VR device. It requires your mobile phone to act as the screen and to run the game. It costs $17.95 (£13.50 at the current, post-Brexit exchange rate) and shipping fees might be required depending on where you want it to be posted.

The game itself doesn't look too complex or, we have to admit, graphically rich. It follows different aspects of the artist's life, including driving around Toronto, interacting with fans and fellow DJs and generally having a good time.

What's probably more of an attraction for his fanbase is that are several new deadmau5 tracks that will feature exclusively in the game.

Absolut deadmau5 will be available from 27 July for both iOS and Android.

Writing by Rik Henderson.