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(Pocket-lint) - Soon, you'll be able to jump into the web. Like, literally. 

The latest beta and developer versions of Google's Chrome browser app for Android includes support for the open-source WebVR standard, which allows developers to create websites you can use/watch/view in VR. But the developer version specifically mentions a "VR Shell" feature that enables mobile device headsets to browse any site - not just specific WebVR sites.

According to Road to VR, Google ultimately wants everyone to explore the internet in VR. Until that's possible, you can only pop on a VR headset, then navigate to a WebVR-supported site to surf, and remove the VR headset when visiting a non-WebVR site. Because Google is working on immersive browsing though, you'll soon do this - but also explore the entire web - with Chrome.

You'll likely need a special version of Chrome's browser, Google's Cardboard headset (or Daydream viewer), and a supported device to jump into the web and start VR browsing. Keep in mind Samsung already offers a browser for Gear VR, though a Chrome version for Android would obviously be more widely available. Google has already confirmed it is working to bring the web to VR, too.

François Beaufort, Google's Chromium evangelist, revealed in a Google+ post earlier this month that the Chromium team is working on several features to bring the web to VR: "They’ve recently added an experimental flag ... to enable a browser shell for VR. This allows users to browse the web while using Cardboard or Daydream-ready viewers."

"The team is just getting started on making the web work well for VR," Beaufort added, "there's more to come!"

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Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 30 June 2016.