(Pocket-lint) - Clay Bavor, VP virtual reality at Google, took to the stage at Google I/O 2016 to add flesh to the bones of Google's future VR plans. 

Evolving the VR offering beyond that of Cardboard, Bavor confirmed that Android is working on a new platform called Daydream. 

Daydream is a platform for VR content, and it's designed to address the limitations with Cardboard, offering a three-pronged approach.


The first aspect is with the smartphone that the VR content is played on. There will be a optimal spec for VR, leading to Daydream-ready phones, with Bavor confirming that big companies like Samsung, HTC and LG will have Daydream-ready phones, some available by Autumn 2016. 

The second aspect is the headset and hardware. Google has come up with a reference design for a Daydream headset, taking lessons learnt from Cardboard, which should result in a standard for a comfortable headset. 

This reference design has been shared with manufacturers with models due to come to market later in 2016.


But adding to the Daydream hardware universe is a controller, with Google coming up with design so that this will also be available in Autumn 2016. This controller will allow interaction with VR apps, and with Google outlining the specifications, it will allow a variety of working hardware to be produced. 

The third element of the Daydream universe is something called Daydream Home. This is a home for your VR content, a lobby taking a similar approach as Samsung does with Gear VR. 

This will make it easier to find and install VR app, as well as letting you switch and search for content without having to leave the VR world - this was a major limitation of Google Cardboard, and it looks like Daydream will completely change the VR experience.


When it comes to content, Google confirmed that YouTube would be easier to navigate, with the ability to watch any movie in VR. You'll also be able to watch Play Movies, as well as experience your Google Photos through VR. We've also spotted Netflix on the list, so it looks like Daydream is going after the immersive VR movie experience.

The timeline for Daydream, the next evolution of Google's VR experience, targets autumn/fall 2016. Daydream will be part of Android N and with the launch of N later in the year, we should see a wide range of Daydream-ready hardware too.

Writing by Chris Hall.